The Journey to Wild Divine

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The Journey

I’m excited to be offering a new training alternative to help deal with stress.  The program is called, “Journey To The Wild Divine.” It is a sophisticated and interactive program that enables users to freely explore a mythical world. Using biofeedback sensors, one learns how to control their body by raising and lowering their state of arousal.  The program coaches the user, and makes suggestions. The game itself gives you information about whether you're progressing or not. And, if you're having trouble, you can ask for help from a mentor within the game on how to progress and master each task.

The Journey's biofeedback component measures a player's Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV). SCL measures sweat gland activity. Emotional arousal causes an increase in the body's perspiration.  Emotional excitement and thrills are examples of positive and energetic arousal. Negative arousal occurs during moments of worry and nervousness.

HRV is calculated from the tiny differences from one heartbeat to another. Normally, the rate changes constantly.  Our heart rate still varies but does so in an erratic way when stressed. We experience this “incoherent” pattern as uncomfortable and unpleasant.  When happy and contented, our heart rate varies in a structured way. The pleasant effects are immediately obvious  to the individual.

Greater heart coherence is a goal of this game and an ongoing life skill worth mastering!  In fact, people who frequently enjoy these rhythms tend to live longer and enjoy life more. The interactive software teaches users to attain this heart rhythm and relaxed state before moving forward in the game.

As the breath and heart synchronize, one enters into a peaceful “zone.”  We know through research that electromagnetic vibration patterns can broadcasts out from the body up to eight feet in all directions!  Research also shows that these electromagnetic waves can positively impact others who begin to match or rhythm unconsciously. The reverse is also true.  Remember how unpleasant it feels when we are near someone who is angry and agitated?  Our bodies are vulnerable when we are near others who radiate anger, resentment, and fear.  These finding give fresh meaning to the old phrase about, “feeling the vibes!” 

Movement through The Journey  depends on a person's learning to control their body’s reactions  by mastering simple tasks. Users are often rewarded by rich visual displays and characters who interact with the user.

The Journey To The Wild Divine may not appeal to everyone. Some will find the pace of the program to be too slow or the mythical themes unappealing. The program “Freeze Framer” is a nice alternative for those people who prefer a more direct and less fanciful way of developing the same skills. I have found that children and teens enjoy The Journey because the video game environment more closely resembles the lengthy complex computer games. However, many adults enjoy the richness of the graphical scenes.  By the end of the session, users feel relaxed and joyful.