Local Support Groups and Services


The Following Are Topical List of Groups and Services Available In Sacramento

{This is a highlight of Sacramento groups in the (916) area code}



Crisis Resources

Support & Self-Help Groups



 Parenting Classes



Crisis Resources

Sutter Psychiatric Center: 386-300

Sacto. Mental Health Center: 732-3637

BHC Heritage Oaks Hospital: 489-3336

Child Abuse Reporting: 366-2386

Suicide Prevention: 368-3111

WEAVE (Domestic Violence/Rape): 920-2952

Elder Abuse Reporting: 875-5437


Support & Self-Help Groups



 Alanon Family Groups: 483-4806

Alcoholics Anonymous: 454-1100

Overeaters Anonymous: 535-7639

Co-Dependents Anonymous: 558-0448

Sex and Love Addicts Anon.: 552-1422

Fresh Start Smoking 446-7933

Adult Child of Alcoholics: 369-2428

Cocaine Anonymous: 455-1674

Narcotics Anonymous: 646-6534

Nar-Anon: 646-6534

Rational Recovery : 621-4374

The Effort 444-6294

Workaholics Anonymous: 372-8174




Grief Support Group: 923-2220

Gift (For Teens): 557-5882

Sibling Support Group: 923-2220

Compassionate Friends: 756-8181

SIDS Support Group: 392-3197

Sharing Parents: 424-5150

(miscarriage, still births, etc)

Suicide Survivors: 756-7542


 Parenting Classes

Kaiser Permanente HMO: 973-7480 (North Area)

Kaiser Permanente HMO: 688-2063 (South Area)


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