Sonic Serenity

Sounds Changing Lives

Sonic Serenity

This recording uses binaural sounds in the alpha range (8-13hz) and upper ranges of theta (6-7hz) for relaxation.  Mixed in with the binaural sounds are pleasing environmental sounds or music for your listening enjoyment.  A description of these tracks is listed below.

Uses For Sonic Serenity:

"Sonic Solution" Compact Disks are helpful using any stereo equipment and the best results with headphones for maximum effect.

There are many uses for as there are many times when we are more prone or vulnerable to stress. This is great way to lower your level of arousal when tense, angry, or agitated. In a stressful environment, it can be preventative by keeping your level of arousal from spiraling into tense and uncomfortable states. Because it is portable, you can take it with you wherever you go!

At Home

At work during breaks or lunch hours

An alternative to alcoholic drink

Deescalate during “time-outs” during tense marital discussions

Decreasing reliance on minor tranquilizers

To Decrease Your Anxiety Level

A Variety of Acoustical Environments

There is something for everyone in Sonic Serenity. Different levels of stimulation as well as a different sound landscapes for both children and adults.  Click on the picture links to hear a sound sample. These looping sounds are intentionally brief to minimize download time)                                                     


Brain Frequency


Click ForSound Sample


Digital Forest

10 Hz


A Country Brook

9 Hz

5:33 min            

A Distant Shore

8 Hz

14:13 min

Walking On A Cloud

6-8 Hz Deeper
Relax States

27:30 min


Expresso Lake

14 Hz For Alert & Calm

5:10 min

Is It Safe?

Yes, as with any tool, each CD is safe for personal use when used properly. You should not use Serenity Sojourn CD's when operating a car or heavy equipment or other times when you need to remain alert and safe.  Serenity Sojourn should not be considered as a “cure” or treatment for an existing medical condition.  However, these recordings are a useful tool in combating the effects of stress, tension, or anxiety.

Serenity Sojourn may be less than suitable for some children with Attention Deficit Disorder or Hyperactivity. Many with attention disorders already have excessive alpha or theta wave activity. Because Sonic Serenity temporarily stimulates alpha and theta waves, those with ADD and ADHD may become temporarily more distractible or hyper.  While good results are possible with this population, better effects may be achieved using Brain Java.

Are The Effects Permanent or Temporary?

The effects of each CD are only temporary with some pleasant residual after effects. Some report remaining calm for up to two hours after an extended listening. Your results may vary. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Each "Sonic Solution" CD retails for $30 and can provide many hours of enjoyment and temporary relief from symptoms of stress, insomnia, or inattention. Two CD's retail for $55 and all three can be purchased for $75. Buy Now

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