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Over the centuries, many have written about the heart being the center of our emotional life. However, it was only in the last few decades that we are only now how true it is!  An exciting new area of Biofeedback training has been pioneered by the HeartMath Institute.  They have developed a program called, “Freeze Framer tm.”  This program helps the user to easily develop new skills for dealing with stress and negative emotions.


Heart Rate Variability


The heart constantly varies in frequency and rhythms. This variation is evidence of a healthy heart.  Medical researchers are now beginning to understand the interactive “dance” between our emotions and heart rhythms.


Our hearts contain nerve cells that are very similar to our brain. This enables the heart to function more independently from the brain than was previously assumed. This interactional “dance” goes both ways by moving us to higher levels of arousal or into deeper levels of relaxation.  The ground breaking research at HeartMath, has shown us how the rhythms of the heart change with our emotional mood.




Feelings of anger and frustration create heart patterns that are some what chaotic and contribute to our experience of stress as shown above. In contrast, moments of love, appreciation, and contentment generate more “coherent” patterns that can be graphed as a wave that gently rises and falls predictably.  If we were to take music as fanciful illustration, stressful incoherent patterns might be exemplified as “Punk Rock.  (insert an annoying punk music mp3 link here )  The beat and tempo of the music generates a higher level of tension and arousal… especially for us middle aged folk! ;-)   In contrast, we might pick a “waltz” represent the more pleasing and predictable rhythms that occur when we are in a more positive emotional state.


Using the Freeze Framer, the user learns how to quickly synchronize their breath with their heart with very pleasant consequences. Freeze Framertm cultivates new skills that help users enter into a peaceful “zone.”  With practice, users can learn to re-enter into this relaxed state when they are angry or stressed.


The Heart’s Impact Upon Us & Others


When we are in a state of high coherence, research shows that the electromagnetic pattern radiates from us eight feet in all directions!  This gives a fresh meaning to the old phrase, “feeling good vibes!”  Research also shows that these electromagnetic waves have a measurable impact on others standing nearby!  These radiating patterns cause others to fall into an synchronous heart rhythm. The reverse is also true.  If we are near others who are radiating anger, resentment, and fear, our bodies are vulnerable to its negative effects.


How It May Help You!


Clinical studies and case histories suggest that the HeartMath techniques, have a positive affect on the body and the immune system,  Significant improvements have been demonstrated in people who suffer from the following conditions :


Because the HRV techniques can be easily taught and implemented quickly, they have a high rate of user participation. These techniques can help patients increase compliance with other therapies by improving emotional self-regulation,  


These techniques address and transform emotions at the source of distress.  The practice of these skills often results in positive and rapid changes that can be superior to other stress management techniques.


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