Delta Dreams


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Delta Dreams 


These CD tracks work by encouraging the brain to produce more delta waves and trigger the onset to deep asleep. Worries of the day (higher frequency beta waves 24-28 hz) often keep people up worrying from topic to topic. Delta Dreams allows the brain to let go of those tensions and looping thoughts and settle into the deep restorative rest.  A binaural hum can be heard softly under pleasing environmental sounds of a rainstorm or marsh.



Is It Safe?


Yes, as with any useful tool, each CD is safe for personal use when used properly.   It is not advised that you use Sonic Solution CD's when operating a car or heavy equipment especially with the "Delta Dreams," and "Sonic Serenity" as one would want to be fully alert when driving or dealing in a risk situation.



A Variety of Acoustical Environments


There is something for everyone in, Delta Dreams. Different levels of stimulation as well as a different sound landscapes for both children and adults.  Click on the picture links to hear a sound sample. These looping sounds are intentionally brief to minimize download time)




Brain Frequency


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Sound Sample

Delta Marsh

10-hz to 1.5 hz

31 min

A Cleansing Rain

6hz   to 1.5hz

31 min



Uses For Delta Dreams:


Delta Dreams can help you get the rest you need when you have temporary difficulty falling asleep.  It should not be considered a substitution or cure for insomnia, depression, or chronic sleep disturbances. It should it be considered as a “cure” or treatment for a medical condition.                              


However, if your have ongoing or chronic problems getting to sleep, staying asleep, or early   morning waking, you should talk with your doctor. There are many causes of insomnia such as clinical depression, anxiety, thyroid, sleep apnea, snoring, drug side effects, and many other conditions.   One should always try to determine the underlying cause so that one can seek treatment for the condition rather than. just mask the symptom.

Users are advised to play the selections in a single play mode to induce or resume sleep and allow the body to move through its natural cycles of sleep and dreaming.



 How Much Does It Cost?


Each "Sonic Solution" CD retails for 30 and can provide many hours of enjoyment and temporary relief from symptoms of stress, insomnia, or inattention. Two CD's retail for $55 and all three can be purchased for $75.




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