Stress Busters


There are several types of Hatha Yoga. Each type has a slightly different emphasis. Some find it useful to ask each yoga instructor about the style and emphasis of their instruction to see if it is compatible with your own goals.  Yoga is an ancient form of moving meditation that systematically relaxes the body and mind.  Some centers practice at room temperature while others do so in a warm and humid room.  Below you will find a few of the locations and/or teachers that practice in the area. Please call them for times, locations, and style of practice.



Practitioner                  Location                                 Phone


Utopia Yoga         2791 24th Street, Sacto.        (916) 601-1625


Tara Stiles          2526 27th St. Sacto.               (916) 454-5526


Avalon Arts         8030 Sacramento St              (925) 299-2954

Center                 Fair Oaks, CA


Sacto. Yoga         2791 24th St.                           (916) 491-6792

Center                 Sacto. CA



Brenda Gustin      2791 24th ST #6, Sacto         (916) 215-4590

                            East-West Book Store

                            Howe and Fair Oaks Blvd



Dharma Yoga       2791 24th St.                           (916) 448-9524

                            Sacto. CA                                        


Yoga Solution      887 57th St. Ste B                  (916) 687-8996

                            Sacto. CA


Stillwater            Hwy 108                                 (209) 984-1500

Yoga                    Jamestown, CA


The Bo Tree        630 Pena Dr, Ste 500             (530) 757-6463

                            Davis, CA   


Ananda Center     10390 Coloma Rd, Ste E         (916) 361-0891   

                            Rancho Cordova, CA     


Meditation Training


Ananda Center     10390 Coloma Rd, Ste E         (916) 361-0891   

                            Rancho Cordova, CA     


Sac. Buddhist       1400 U Street, Sacto            (916) 320-8947

Meditation           5000 V Street, Sacto



Self                     4513 North Street                (916) 483-9644

Realization          Sacto. CA



Spiritual Life        Downtown                             (916) 448-6508

Center                  Sacramento