Brain Java

Brain Java  

This CD contains track(s) stimulating sounds and use mid-range beta frequencies (14-20 hz.) These encourage the brain to remain focused and alert.  This is can be especially helpful with homework, number crunching, and other tasks when it is important to reduce distractions. Brain Java is especially helpful for those with Attention Deficit Disorder with and without hyperactivity. The higher frequency sounds helps the brain to produce higher amplitudes of matching frequencies.

A Variety of Acoustical Environments

There is something for everyone, in Brain Java. Different levels of stimulation as well as a different sound landscapes for both children and adults.  Click on the picture links to download a sound sample to your computer. You will then need to open it in your MP3 player to hear the sample. (These looping sounds are intentionally brief to minimize download time. Files are approximately 1 meg. in size.)


Brain Frequency

Click For Sound Sample

Caffeine Copter

14 Hz

Cappuccino Falls

15 Hz

Rocket Latte

17 Hz

Driven To Learn

18-20 Hz


20 Hz

Best Results

"Sonic Solution" compact disks are helpful using any stereo equipment, with the best results achieved with headphones for maximum effect. It is not advisable to use while driving or operating machinery. Please note that Brain Java works well at low to moderate volume and need not be “cranked-up” to be effective.

Brain Java is suitable for both adults and children. It is advisable to try tracks 1 & 2 for children under 10 to avoid any possibility of tension or agitation. However, some may respond well with tracks 3 & 4 that have higher frequencies. Some children with Attention Deficit Disorder/ Hyperactivity may become calmer with higher frequency tracks.  Using sound for relaxation, sleep, or remaining alert is a safe way to temporarily promote different states of consciousness and sleep.

Uses For Brain Java:

Homework Study Aid


Number Crunching

A Caffeine Alternative

Is It Safe?

Yes, as with any useful tool, each CD is safe for personal use when used properly. It is not advised that you use Sonic Solution CD's when operating a car or heavy equipment.  Brain Java is not recommended for those with heart beat irregularities or anxiety disorders.  In a similar manner individuals with those conditions would also be restricting their use of caffeine to avoid over stimulating themselves.

It should not be considered a substitution or cure for chronic stress, anxiety, or depression.  It should it be not be considered as a “cure” or treatment for any existing medical condition.   However, this recording is a useful tool by helping an adult or child to attend to task by providing the stimulation necessary to keep one engaged and on track.  Those diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder should speak with their therapist and physician about the appropriateness of Neurofeedback training or psychotropic medication.   There is some promising but very preliminary research that may suggestion that audio and visual stimulation may help individuals to improve academic functioning. As with anything, Brain Java should be used in moderation and should be used under two hours daily.

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Each Brain Java track contains successively more stimulating frequencies.  Because personal preferences and comfort may vary between child and adult, it is best to try each track in sequential order to determine which tracks are most helpful and pleasant for you.  Some younger children or adults may find the higher frequency tracks to be over stimulating. 

Are The Effects Permanent or Temporary?

The effects of each CD are only temporary with some residual after effects after listening. Some report remaining more focused for up to two hours after an extended listening. Your results may vary. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Each "Sonic Solution" CD retails for $30 and can provide many hours of enjoyment and temporary relief from symptoms of stress, insomnia, or inattention. Two CD's retail for $55 and all three can be purchased for $75.

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